Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring is here

Paul and Bear Spring 2011 Campaign

Yesterday's Outfit

Yesterday a new brand Emmett Jeans held a party in a very cozy basement, that was decorated in an appealing way with a bohemian touch; Persian rugs, worn out leather couches, old luggage trunks and jeans all over the walls. And of course all the hipsters and fashion folks that can fit in a large basement were pressing against each other and sweating.
A rugged man was sitting in front a drum set, he was playing southern US rock with a guitar in his hands and it sounded like The Black Keys had taken over the big room. The crowd were pleased with cold drinks in their hands and moving to wonderful music. When the evening was over I brought home this bag, a DVD and some other stuff.

This Months Fashion Icon: Rosie Huntington Whitley

Coachella & other Festivals

Today Coachella begins and we will definitely see a lot of hot outfits from the green grass-catwalk, that the people of the festival walks. If you're not attending the Coachella madness, I have some inspiration for all of the Swedish festivals that will be held this summer. And further down you can watch a clip from "Free People", all of their models are dressed in perfect clothes for bohemian women that are hanging out at festivals.
The photos are from H&M Magazine and I think these outfits are perfect for attending a music festival.

Idag börjar Coachella och jag anar att det kommer dyka upp en hel del heta outfits och en massa kändisbilder från festivalen imorgon. För er som behöver lite inspiration inför festivalsommaren i Sverige så kan ni kika på dessa bilder från H&M Magazine och klippet nedan från märket Free People.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Outfit

Today's Craving - Chanel eyewear

Lagerfeld is incredibly inventive! Just look at these cute sunglasses and they have a tiny mirror.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chanel is inspired by Pierre Bonnard

Daphne Guinness as Jean Seberg

Picture: The Imagist
The famous fashionista/fashion icon Daphne Guinness is currently doing a movie about the mysterious death of Jean Seberg. Seberg who you might foremost remember from the classic Jean-Luc Godard movie Breathless.
Recently I read an article from 1979 in Time magazine which makes it clear that the FBI wasn't too happy about Seberg's support for the Black Panther movement. And they tried to start a rumor about her having an affair with Martin Luther King Jr.
Jean Seberg was missing for eleven days until found dead in the backseat of her car and the police states that she took an overdose and left a very short suicide note. After reading this I'm very curious to see this movie which Daphne is both starring in and producing.

Jean Seberg in Breathless

More Pics

Some Pics from the US

An evening at Trousdale in LA