Friday, December 30, 2011

My Year - 2011

2011 started off perfectly. I moved into a beautiful apartment on the top floor with windows pointing at the sky. Two months later we went on a trip to Milan for Fashion Week, the photos on the top are from outside of the D&G fashion show and my favorite look from the year as was it for the street style photographers. My shoes were on the first page of Vogue Italia's website, a cool achievement.
After an amazing trip I was only in Sweden for a few weeks then off to the US and a lot of great parties in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Three weeks later back to Sweden in time for late spring; Facehunter was shooting a film for Armani (Frames of Life) and I met up with him and starred in the film that was shown at Paris fashion Week and a photo of me was placed among others in Tulliers.
For Mid Summer we traveled to the island Gotland and celebrated among friends. One day after arriving back home in the capital, we took the train to the west coast and attended Where the Action Is and I had an opportunity to meet Glasvegas. When summer ended it was time for my birthday and I got to see the Bolshoi ballet, a long time wish. In the end of September I went to the US again and stayed until the middle of December in the warm sun... Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Tommy Hilfinger
did a funny video for this holiday season, it reminds me somewhat of the movie Royal Tenenbaums. You might remember some of the characters in the movie played by Anjelica Huston, Gwenyth Paltrow, Gene Hackman, Luke Wilson and Ben Stiller. This Hillfinger commercial also reminds me of Lanvin's commercial when Karen Elson and Raquel Zinnerman dances to a Pitbull hit. I would prefer to celebrate Christmas with the Tenenbaums family rather than the models in this video who are just dressed up as these funny people in preppy clothes...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On My Mind

First and foremost the neon clothes in the photo (on the top) is really incredible and exactly the type of look I want to wear this spring. It looks like it could be Christopher Kane but I'm not 100% sure, if you know I hope you make a comment.

Secondly this winter it seems to be tremendously popular with long knits, on my wish list you'll find a long cardigan from ADAM (not shown in the picture above).

Thirdly there has been a lot of talk these last weeks about Karlie Klosse's body and I'm definitely on the side that thinks the picture of her is not photoshopped. For you who are unfamiliar with this rumor, it all started after Karlie appeared naked in an editorial in Vogue Italia. One will find evidence for her perfectly sculptured body in the video Vogue released and you can read Grarance Doré's blog where she states that this beautiful model lives a very healthy lifestyle. I think these photos taken by master Steven Meisel really makes people desire a more healthy lifestyle, she is clearly not anorectic (she has muscles).

The fourth photo shows the window display at Dolce & Gabbana's store. It makes me want to fast forward to Christmas eve and dinner time. But at the same time I get anxious, I haven't found the perfect holiday dress yet.

Last but not least Karl Lagerfeld will be the global guest editor for Metro International newspapers. “The World According to Karl” edition will kick off the Metro’s Fashion Week coverage. This is exciting as is his new line which will be released soon at Net-a-porter. Someone posted this photo on Facebook, it looks like it's taken in Russia. They seem somewhat early it's not until the 7th of February it will be released.

My last photos from my US trip

The last two days in the US I spent in Los Angeles and one of those days I was dressed like this. At the evening it got really cold so I put on a coat over this outfit. When it was dark we went to the Getty Museum which is located high up on a hill, we took the tram up and wondered around the gallery halls and looked at the amazing permanent collection. The view from this location is splendid, it might have been even more breath taking if it had been day light. But there is still something very enjoyable about walking around a building with such impressive architecture, also the sound of all the fountains are very soothing. A perfect end to my trip, I'll definitely miss the weather, my friends and my dear sister.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bags which will put color on both winter and spring

1. Maison Givenchy bag
2. Dior
3. Jil Sander
4. Classical Bayswater in a powerful color
5. Alexander MacQueen clutch
6. Pucci, Python box clutch

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Smashbox Studios Party

Last weekend I attended the FACE/OFF competition and party at the famous Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood. It's a big and fresh warehouse they've transformed into an enormous photo studio (almost like a hangar) where many of the covers and editorials you see in fashion magazines and other leading lifestyle papers are shot.
When I first walked into the building from a side entrance I walked through a gallery where all of the nominated photos in the competion were hanging. There are four categories: fashion, advertising, celebrity and editorial. I told my crew I thought the striking photo of a woman floating in a pool with a huge red fabric underneath her was my favorite and a possible first place candidate (later I heard the news that it had won).

Winner: "Watercolors" by Joshua Kogan

Friday, December 16, 2011

This Month's Style Icon - Josephine de la Baume

Josephine de la Baume doesn't only have a name which sound exotic, she's also a former Agent Provocateur model and as you can tell by "de la..." she's French. Recently she married Mark Ronson, a British DJ. The first photos I saw from the wedding where when checking Purple Diary (Zahm a friend to the couple.) Later I saw photos in Vogue (US) that showed the beauty of Josephine's wedding dress designed by Zac Posen. If you have such hot haircolor and dresses like in these photos you're well deserving to be one of this year's Style Icons. Remember, December is one of the most important months for me because it's the time when one reflects over the fashion year that has been. This girl really made her mark this year and it ended very well for her with a beautiful wedding (cover story in the magazine Jaoluse) and one of the best dressed at the British Fashion Awards.
Mark Ronson and Josephine de la Baume at their wedding day

November's Icon: Julia Sarr Jamois
October's Icon: Caroline Sieber
September's Icon: Abbey-Lee Kershaw
August's Icon: Paz de la Huerta
July's Icon: Lou Doillon
June's Icon: Shalom Harlow
May's Icon: Patti Smith
April's Icon: Rosie Huntington Whitley
March's Icon: Keira Knightley

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back Home in Sweden

How better to celebrate the arrival back home (Stockholm) than with some beautiful photos taken by Sølve Sundsbø. He might not be from Sweden but he's still Nordic and his exhibition "Pictures from Savage Beauty" is showing here in town at Gun Gallery and ends in two days (18 December). I'll have to see it this weekend, looking forward to it very much. These pictures are from Vogue China (December), Carra Delevingne looks like an angel wearing only white throughout the editorial. I fell for the Louis Vuitton dress (above) and subsequently the Givenchy piece (below).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Chanel Paris-Bombay

I've selected my favorite looks from Chanel's Metiers d'art collection, Paris-Bombay. The set for the catwalk show inside Grand Palais was decorated for a Raj with banquet tables, hugh chandeliers (one can hope that the audience saw through them), golden plates, fruits and sweets as far as the eye could see. The models walked in front of a dinner for royalties wearing a lot of silk fabrics but also classical Chanel tweed. The garments surprisingly didn’t scream India (none of the models wore saris) but the accessories really helped with that bit; the models had Teekas on their forehead hanging down from a head accessory, a shawl covering the hair or a turban on the head, jewellery chains hanging from the hair attached to the nose. These were the details which gave some extra Indian magic.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flaunt Magazine

Me with James Franco's ass under my arm
Last week I met up with two guys who both work for Flaunt magazine. We had some Champagne in their hotel room at Hard Rock Hotel (the photo above is from the lobby) and thumbed through the magazine. I'd never heard of this cool paper before and I don't understand how it could've passed me by. Later I googled Flaunt and rediscovered something, I'd seen their editorials at the Fashion Gone Rogue site a couple of times. One of them really caught my eye with supermodel Stephanie Seymour rockin "only" and lots of Azzedine Alaïa creations. A couple of spreads like that in a paper makes one impressed - to have a model wear solely one designer.
Something else I found out after my research was that they really have the most stunning covers like the two below which are prime examples: Naomi Campbell sitting in front of a wall of bleach packages, a hole in the wall shows us a war zone outside, next to her is a machine gun.. I could comment a lot more about this but I'll leave it at that; the other one with Joaquin Phoenix is memorable and it could well have been Johnny Cash setting fire to his guitar. But not only this, the content of the paper was really intriguing.
This specific number I got from my friends actually had a lot of interviews plus pictures of cast members of Boardwalk Empire (my favorite tv-show right now). Which means photos of too cool for school Paz de la Huerta (my style icon of the month some time ago).

Naomi Campbell

My breakfast and Flaunt magazine (the James Franco ass issue actually has two covers, this is the one on the inside) on the table.

Givenchy Skirt

Karlie Kloss shot by Greg Kadel and styled by Elisabeth Sulcer. The two really outdid themselves this time, just look at all of the photos from this Numero #129 editorial: here. This Givenchy skirt is really cool and exactly what I want to wear tomorrow.

Ashley Smith in a skirt that shows a lot of skin. It's daring and sexy, precisely what Givenchy stands for.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My weekend - LA and a Masquerade

On Friday night we went to see the band Lord Huron play at Mondrian's Skybar, which just so you know has the most amazing view over Los Angeles. Beautiful music filled my ears, their sound are very similar to Fleet Foxes but still with a bit poppier sound. The audience were dancing in front of the pool, I was surprised no one jumped in. After the Mondrian Session we drove a block or two on Sunset Boulevard to find ourselves at Chateau Marmont's bar.
On Saturday we made our way to Ruby Room to attend a fashion show and the theme for the night wasmasquerade (everyone was supposed to wear Venetian masks) . I purchased the first one I could find, nothing special - not like the ones that people wore to Vogue Paris 90th anniversary masquerade ball.

Lord Huron playing at Mondrian

Outside Chateau on Sunset

Monday, December 5, 2011


Johan Lindeberg left his brand J Lindeberg a few years back, having designed there for 13 years. He said it was a tough decision and it took two years to get used to the idea, adding that “Helmut Lang did it and also Yves Saint Laurent towards the end, left their company which had their name”.
Today he’s focusing all energy and design skills on his new label BLK DNM. He’s moved from Sweden to New York where the label has its store and where Johan is seen frequently out and photographed by Purple Magazine editor-in-chief, and friend to Johan, Olivier Zahm is a splendid contact to have in the fashion world. Zahm recently shot the J Lindeberg Biannual Book (see video below.) BLK DNM is having a busy fall, opening a pop-up store in Stockholm and launching a new perfume, Perfume 11 BLK DNM (the perfect Chritsmas gift.)